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The TFS Fan Forums - Rules

Post by Slur on Mon May 25, 2015 4:41 pm

The TFS fan forums want you to have a safe and comfortable environment to post in.  Thus, here are a basic set of rules, which you must follow after sound-minded thought is applied:

"But it is unwritten!" (aka The Moderator's Discretion Clause)

Unlike a true constitution or a set of laws, these rules are here to set out a guideline for the users as how not to act.  If you find a new way to annoy the users, or the administration, we can act against you so that you stop making the forums an uncomfortable place to be in.  Of course, this does not give the moderation or administration to act in any way we please; we will do our best to act within a reasonable manner so that everyone is happy in the end.

Do not harass or insult other users

It's pretty self-explanatory that you can't go around and call people names or deliberately go out of your way to hurt people's feelings.  It doesn't make anyone you're victimizing feel good, and though you may feel a rush of euphoria once you insult someone, you won't feel good about yourself later on.  Please don't do this while you're here.  We want everyone to be happy and feel welcome.

Do not engage in prejudicial behaviors

I don't think this one needs further explanation, but if it does...just don't use language which is clearly meant to offend a specific group of people.

Do not discuss/commit to piracy or other illegal activity

"But it's legal in my country" is not an excuse.  Any such discussion will result in an immediate ban, and this is the only rule to which I will show no forgiveness towards.

Keep your personal conflicts in private

Romeo and Paris, your sword-fights can occur in PM or another location.  If it leaks out into the forums, nobody will be happy.

Keep images work-safe

By "work-safe", I mean "keep it to the level of where my 13 year old cousin would not be traumatized for life if he saw them".

Keep images within a reasonable size

Stretching the borders is a no-no.

Stay on target

I'm fairly liberal about this one: I do not mind the occasional derailing of a topic, but please don't do this deliberately and veer off into something which would warrant its own topic.  As a broad example, if a topic starts on the subject of cute fluffy animals, don't turn it into a debate on vegetarianism.

Type as correctly as you're capable of doing

I don't mind the occasional spelling error.  However, text language was invented as a way to circumvent the inconveniences of texting back when cell phones didn't have full keyboards.  I wish to create an environment where if discussion is had, then the discussion be first and foremost an educated one.  Plus, it makes things more difficult to read when you follow your own rules of the English language.

Don't backseat mod

This annoys us.

Don't spam the forums/double-post

This also annoys us.

If you're not a fan of a moderator's decisions, please appeal with a moderator via PM, whether it is the one making the incorrect decision, or another one unrelated to the incident.  We'll make sure things get right back on track!

More rules will come as circumstances and posts are made.


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