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The TFS Fan Forums - FAQ

Post by Slur on Mon May 25, 2015 4:09 pm

What are these forums?

Have you ever heard of those swell chaps Team Four Star? No? That's a shame. You should visit their website, over at

If you're back here after watching a video or two, you're probably getting the last few chuckles or belly-laughs out of your system, or perhaps even lamenting an emotional scene, or in awe over the professional editing that has been put into their content. This forum is a fan-made forum to appreciate the works of Team Four Star, whether it be their Dragon Ball Abridged content, or perhaps Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, their Let's Plays, Attack On Titan Abridged (we hardly knew ye) or any other content that Team Four Star puts out on a general basis!

Why do these forums exist?

The official Team Four Star forums were shut down quite a while ago. Though Reddit, Twitter and Facebook all act as hubs for Team Four Star fans to gather and discuss episodes among one another on a regular basis, it was best that Team Four Star fans were united again, under a singular forum, as to create a sense of community with one another. We already have in common the fact that we are fans of their content at the forefront of our discussion. This is a good starting point for us, as fans, to get to know one another, and support the wonderful work that Team Four Star has provided us over the last few years.

What comes of this unity and discussion is up to the future. However, the motive behind making these forums is that the end result is a positive one, where lifelong friends are met and many wonderful discussions may be had.

Wait, can't TFS make their own forums?

I'm under the assumption that their lives are busy ones. Thus, I've taken upon the task to create these forums as an unofficial discussion hub for their content, and other discussions. I, nor any other administrator, represent or assume to speak on the behalf of Team Four Star themselves.

What sorts of discussions should we engage in here?

Each subforum is for its own discussion topic. So long as you manage to create and reply to topics in the correct subforum, with the action and intent of good-will, you're free to discuss what you please. Some topics, however, will be of forbidden territory. These will be posted in the rules, once they are established.

If I have a problem on the forums, who should I contact?

You can contact me via PM on the forums, for now. As more administrators are hired, more posts are made and more discussion venues open, I will update this thread for who you can contact and where. I want everyone to be as comfortable as possible here, so don't feel afraid to message me in regards to anything!

That should be all for now. This thread will be updated as more topics arise and more discussion is made. I hope to see you post soon!


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